Competency Guide
for CHRP and CIRC

Created for and with users, this guide provides a definition of the HR profession that is both grounded in reality and open to the future.

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4 key components that work together synergistically


There are 12 general competencies, which complement one another and are considered essential for adapting to a series of complex situations like those encountered in professional practice.

These competencies help define what is expected of a certified professional. When they are deployed in combination with any of the professional fields of competency, it is possible to assess the competence of a certified human resources professional or certified industrial relations counsellor.

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Professional fields
of competency

The increasing flux and complexity of today’s working world is driving the practice toward ever-greater decompartmentalization across the fields of competency that define the profession.

Accordingly, the Guide proposes a systemic and inclusive vision now organized by professional fields of competency. Restating the profession’s “traditional” fields of expertise, they are grouped into three main families for a simple, complete, and evocative definition of the HR/IR practice.

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of practice

One aspect was clear when developing this guide: the need to address the multiplicity of contexts of practice in a complex world. An analysis grid will therefore be used to customize its use for each professional.

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The Intervention

The intervention cycle is part of the advisory role exercised by human resources or industrial relations (HR | IR) professionals. It encompasses all the steps required to carry out a complete intervention process.

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Competency Guide for CHRPs and CIRCs

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